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 Cannabis Seeds

Laughing Buddha, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Lemon — names that reverberate throughout the cannabis world. Barney’s Farm has pioneered them all! Established in 1986, Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds quickly made a name for itself by carefully cross-breeding high quality marijuana strains taken from the far corners of the world. Years and years of careful breeding has turned this small farm into a world famous cannabis seed production business.

Barney’s Farm was at the forefront of the cannabis scene in the 90s, with a well-known coffee shop right in the heart of Amsterdam. Simply “Barney’s Coffee Shop”, it quickly became a go-to destination for marijuana enthusiasts worldwide. The farm is still extremely active, regularly releasing new strains. And at Holland’s High, we’re proud to offer a selection of some of the farm’s best. We carry dozens of Barney Farm’s best-known strains, including Cannabis Cup winners Dr. Grinspoon, G13 Haze, Laughing Buddha, and Morning Glory.

Cannabis seeds are made for the home grower, as they’re widely available in both feminised and autoflowering varieties. Help them along with some products from our growshop and you’ll soon find yourself the proud owner of tall, densely-flowered plants that deliver absolutely sensational highs. Other cannabis strains are bred specifically for yield and are great for any grower with a little experience under their belt. Still more are bred specifically for their unbeatable scent and taste, giving you a mouth-watering experience.

mail order CANNABIS Seeds via and we’ll deliver your products with speed and discretion. Holland’s High is staffed by enthusiasts who know their kush from their Bush and know a fantastic bud when they see one. We only stock high quality product, carefully selected with the discerning smoker in mind.

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