Terms & Conditions

In the light of the changing legislation we decided to change our policy with respect to the purchase of marijuana products. In several online sections of the legislation 200 plants is mentioned as being the difference between hobby and professional cultivation. Though marijuana buds are excluded from List .Order weed online .
Product assortment for hobby .Our whole product assortment is adapted to the new Opium Act, also called the Grow shop
In these terms and conditions the following terms are used in the following manner unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The customer: the counterparty: an institution or a natural person.

  1. These terms and conditions are valid for all offers, quotations and contracts between 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary and the customer, on which Jerry cannabis dispensary has decided them to be applicable and in as far as the parties aren’t deviating from these terms and conditions, as has been explicitly expressed in writing. Order weed online.
  2. The following terms and conditions are also applicable to the contracts with 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary in case a third party is involved in its execution.
  3. Possible deviations from these terms and conditions are only valid in case they have been explicitly agreed upon in writing. Order weed online.

By placing an order personal data are recorded in the administration of 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary. By written request customers can view their recorded personal data. Corrections, as communicated by the customer, will be processed unless these corrections appear to be incorrect.
420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary will not provide personal data to third parties . Order weed online
Offered products are represented and/or described – in written offers and/or on the website.  As clearly and truthfully as possible and possess the qualities that are mentioned in the offer. The website clearly states the purchase amount and the rights and obligations of the customer, should he decide to accept the offer.
420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary only ships the goods after having received the payment unless the customer has chosen for a reimbursement. 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary conceed themselves the right to refuse orders or to process the order at a later date. Order weed online.

All products bought from us come with a statutory warranty. This means that a product must be in good condition and should perform properly when used. If you receive a product that does not fulfil this requirement then we will provide you with a repair, a replacement or a refund depending on the product. Order weed online.

In addition to the statutory warranty, certain products come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is an extra guarantee provided by the manufacturer or importer. More information on the manufacturer can be found in the product documentation.

If you have a defective product which falls under warranty, please contact us first by email or through our contact form.
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Returning shipments/
An approval period of three days applies to all purchases. Within the approval period the customer  has the right to return the products in the original package without any commitment to purchase. Also the customer has to live up to all conditions applicable to return shipments. Customers are responsible for the costs of a return shipment. Order weed online.

After receiving the return shipment and approval by 420wayofleaf regarding the state of the products, reimbursement will take place within 5 days. Buy weed online.
Delivery takes place after the payment has been received (within one working day after payment).

The final delivery time will never exceed the confirmed delivery time with more than one week unless in case of force majeure. In case the delivery term has been exceeded, the customer will need to express his claim to 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary in writing. Order weed online
Already paid amounts for products that are returned within the approval period or advance payments will be reimbursed in accordance with the conditions as stipulated by 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary in case the sale doesn’t materialize. Order weed online.

We ship our products under the assumption that third parties won’t avail of them in a manner that is against the law. 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary does not want to encourage anybody to act against the law. We want to emphasize that anybody using our products is fully responsibly for their own future actions.

420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary cannot be held accountable for damage as a result of improper or unlawful use of the purchased products. Order weed online

420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary cannot be held accountable in the event of confiscation by customs authorities in case the rules or laws of your country or state have been violated. In that case you cannot demand a reimbursement.

This website and our products are intended for people of over 18 years old. No sales to minors, only adults! Keep all products of 420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary away from children. Order weed online
Claims and use of products
420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary doesn’t claim any benefits for the curing of diseases nor any relation with health-related conditions. Always consult your physician before taking any herbal supplements. Do not use in case of high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, breastfeeding or diabetes.  When you take MAO inhibitors, medication or anti-depressives. Order weed online.

Do not use in traffic, while at work, when studying or when operating heavy machinery.

Immediately stop using the product in the event of nervousness,  loss of appetite, tremors or palpitations.
Other terms and conditions

420wayofleaf cannabis dispensary cannot assume any responsibility for the consequences of typographical errors on the website or in any other media.
By placing an order, the customer agrees fully with the aforementioned terms and conditions.